We All Hear Voices


            Brimming with Southern flavor and peppered with quirky characters with their own unique challenges, We All Hear Voices serves up a tale of unlikely friendships and the human desire for happiness.

            Jack, the troubled cook at Moon’s Bar and Grill, has the gift of synesthesia; that is, he hears colors and tastes shapes. His passion for flavors and smells turn even the most ordinary dishes into magnificent creations and soon Moon’s is the hottest eatery in the Mississippi Delta.

             Mary Ann, the waitress who befriends Jack, is waiting for some tall-cotton cowboy to sweep her off her feet and far away from this town. The problem is: when Mr. Right shows up she isn’t sure she wants to go.

            Moon, the owner of the grill, is a man who has spent his life convincing himself that bad ideas are good ideas. He’s on a first name basis with the God of Chance and his get-rich-quick-schemes threaten to bring down this little house of cards.

ISBN: 978-0-595-44184-6

            Available in Hardback, trade paperback and E-book format through your local bookseller, B&N.com and Amazon.com


Sam Taggart, MD, was raised in the Mississippi Delta and has practiced medicine in rural Arkansas for the last thirty years. He and his wife currently live in Hot Springs,Arkansas.  weallhearvoices.com

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My novel We All Hear Voices focuses on Jack the cook who has the gift of synesthesia. This site is created for anyone wanting to make remarks about the book or the subject of synesthesia or anything else for that matter..